Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh oh oh oh sweet child o mine...

Oh yeah, here's my slightly more silly purchase that I bought while looking for a new jumper. I couldn't find one I liked so got this instead. Mmmm... where do we go, where do we go, where do we go now?

Starting again

Hello. I've decided after spending a week teaching high school students how to make zines that I really should get on with my own comics again so today I went shopping and got some lovely new sketch books, yay! I was a bit influenced by the fact that Sarah H. and Leigh showed me their sketch books this week and like Sarah, I thought I should try to move onto something bigger than the A5 art diaries I've had in the past.
I've also become rather irritated at my myspace blog thingy lately so thought I'd start up a blog here as well because it seems a bit more reliable. I am, however notoriously bad at keeping up diaries, blogs and the like so I'll just have to see how it goes...